WeBuilds Bothies use the finest sustainable materials and are built to an exceedingly high standard. Whether you need a sanctuary to get away from it all, or a space to unleash your creative side, our bothies are built to last. Contact us today for more



The eco-pod materials we use are very important to us. We use larch to create the frame and cedar shingles. We carefully select the wood from local managed forests, then season it for 2 years to prevent movement and cracks. 

Larch is beautiful and tough wood, often used by boat builders for its fast growth and resistance to rot. If it’s good enough for a boat, then it’s good enough for us!

The cedar makes its own natural oil, meaning it has a long life expectancy of 30 to 50 years. It ages perfectly and provides better insulation than any other soft wood available. 

Our Living Roofs

We really want to put our money where our mouth is and produce something that can contribute more than it takes away. Our living roofs are beautiful and sustainable mini habitats that use local vegetation to create a thermal mass on the roof of our bothies. 

The living roof benefits both the owner and the environment by creating extra ambient heat in the bothy whilst also providing support for all many plants, birds and insects. We can tailor this mini ecosystem to help promote local wildlife in your area.

In cities, living roofs help combat the heat island effect caused by high concentrations of concrete. We use a high quality EPDM in the roofing thus provides a long lifespan.

Sustainable Insulation

The insulation is one of the most important factors to consider in our eco-pod materials. We use a mixture of Warmcel™ fibre, Thermafleece™ Superquilt wool and hemp matting to guarantee amazing insulation in our bothies. We use Warmcel™ in the roof and floor. It’s light, strong, highly insulating and made from 100% recycled newspaper. Thermafleece™ is breathable, natural and used to form an inner ‘skin’ on the bothy.

We use Hemp matting in the face and rear of our bothies, which works in tandem with the other materials, which improves thermal and acoustic qualities. moreover, it can also absorb 20% of its weight in moisture without affecting its thermal quality.

Hemp has a low impact on the environment and performs much better than similar products due to its thermal conductivity and fire-resistant qualities. Additionally, it’s a durable material that does not attract rodents or provide a food source for moths and insects.

Plantithium Glass

We use argon-filled plantithium glass to ensure consistent temourature control. It’s high performance and UK made. It’s used in many modern buildings, including London’s iconic ‘Gherkin’. Plantithium exceeds UK energy standards. Additionally, it improves security and noise reduction.

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