Renovation and Restoration

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself to finally go for that diamond in the rough “fixer-upper” of a house you’ve dreamed of. Sure, right now, it looks like a bomb hit it, but you see that dream house shining through. WeBuilds can help you achieve that dream restoration project. Whether it’s a full house renovation, or restoring a beautiful window to its former glory, WeBuilds have you covered with a range of renovation and restoration services.

We have a three step process to completing our renovation and restoration services. Firstly comes a consultation. During this time, we take time to understand your requirements and expectations. A free quote is given to avoid any hidden costs in future. further down the line. Secondly, we enter the planning stage. Once we agree on what is to be done, WeBuilds will make a comprehensive plan of each stage of the project. We will consult with any additional third parties, which means no stress to you. Finally, we enter the delivery stage. This is when we put our plan into action, on time and in budget. We work to a high standard and won’t put our tools down until the job is done and our clients are happy.

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